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Dr. Lisa Stright

Assistant Professor in Hydrocarbon Geosciences

Colorado State University

lisa strightResearch Interests:

  • Subsurface reservoir modeling and Outcrop analog modeling
  • Flow modeling for connectivity analysis
  • Seismic Rock Properties – forward modeling and interpretation
  • Clastic Reservoir Characterization – nonmarine, shallow marine and deep-water depositional systems
  • Kaiparowits Plateau (Utah), Piceance Basin (Colorado) , Mowry Shale (Wyoming) , Magallanes Basin (Chile), Molasse Basin (Austria)

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Dr. Stright's Home Page

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Dr. Cari Johnson

Professor, Geology and Geophysics

University of Utah

cj clareResearch Interests:

  • Sedimentation and Tectonics
  • Basin Analysis
  • Clastic Sequence Stratigraphy – nonmarine and shallow marine depositional systems
  • Outcrop Reservoir Analogs
  • WIS – Kaiparowits Plateau (Utah), Uinta Basin, San Joaquin Basin, Azerbaijan, China and Mongolia

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