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Facies analysis, correlation, and reservoir prediction in nonmarine–shallow marine strata: Cretaceous Straight Cliffs Formation, Kaiparowits Plateau, Utah

The proposed research has two complementary emphases: proximal stratigraphy (alluvial and fluvial strata to the west) and marginal marine stratigraphy (shoreface, tidal, and estuarine deposits to the east). Both efforts share the same basic goals and outcomes, summarized below. First and foremost, we seek to use excellent outcrops of marine to nonmarine facies to create detailed 3D facies and stratigraphic interpretations. These results inform ongoing regional stratigraphic correlations, training image generation for multiple-point modeling workflows or rules for rules-based modeling workflows, and reservoir flow connectivity analysis. Products include a combination of descriptive, quantitative, and spatially correct databases, and inputs and workflows for building predictive reservoir models. We seek to provide 'plug-in' deliverables that can be readily integrated into company exploration and production efforts.


Summary: Research Goals

Summary: Outcomes and Deliverables


Phase I Sponsors (2012-2014)

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Phase II Sponsors (2015-2017)

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