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    Rocks to Models is the home for reservoir characterization related research from outcrop observation. We translate data collected from outcrops to a digital form and collect digital data from outcrops to build outcrop models. The ultimate goal is to gain insight into modeling methodologies and approaches to help in building more predictive subsurface models.
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    Our research group is comprised of two PIs (Dr. Lisa Stright and Dr. Cari Johnson) and our graduate students. Our research is supported by the generous funding from oil companies both in the USA and abroad.

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    Our current research focus is on the fluvial to shallow marine linked depositional system exposed in outcrop along the Kaiparowits Plateau. We are exploring opportunities to study similar depositional systems at other locations. Contact us if you have a project in mind.


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Julia Mulhern at Buck Hollow
Julia Mulhern contemplating her thesis rocks: taken atop the “C” delta/barrier island complex in Buck Hollow, northern Kaiparowits Plateau

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